How To Keep Your Yard Properly Maintained On A Budget

Having a nice looking yard is all about paying attention to the details, but sometimes those details can get mighty darn expensive. Whether it’s hiring a landscaping company to help with some of the work, or spending money on yard tools for grooming it’s not going to be free to keep that yard nice and pretty. There are also various types of products for seeding and weeding and generally keeping things looking nice. These things can also add up the overall cost. We’ll try to give a little advice to help you have a nice yard at all times and without breaking the bank!

Just Do It

When it comes to your lawn, we generally recommend you just jump in and start doing and learning. This alone will cut the majority of the cost down significantly. You have to learn when to water it, how to get rid of weeds, and other things that keep you from having a bad yard. Mowing your yard on a regular basis is a good thing when it’s the time of the year it grows fast such as during the spring and summer. It’s important that you stay on top of this because your yard will get more and more difficult to mow as time goes on. If you’re not able to do this yourself, you should hire someone that can bring their own equipment and help do it for a fair price. Remember to get several quotes on this. If you live in the state of Washington contact Greenhaven Landscapes for your landscape maintenance, or view their website for more info.

lawn-mowerBuy a lawn mower that will work well for your yard. You can get a new one for fairly inexpensive or pick one up at a garage sale or on Craigslist. If you have a very large area to keep mowed, then you may need to get a riding mower so that you don’t have to spend a ton of time doing the work. If you’re working with a yard you can use a push mower on, then get one that is easy for you to use and is comfortable for you to work with for long periods of time. Go to a store that sells mowers and see how low or high the mower’s handle is so you don’t get one that’s made for people far larger or smaller than you.

Weeding and Seeding

Weeds are a big problem that can get out of control if you don’t remove them or take care of them quickly. One thing you can do is pull them if there aren’t that many, but they could still spread after you do this and it may not be effective with certain kinds. They make various weed killer products that you can get at most retailers that have a home and garden section. Read up on the various types of common weeds that grow in your area and buy the right kind of chemical compound for killing them.

Don’t water your grass too often, because that can kill it off. When you water it, make sure the ground is saturated and that you don’t frequently water it in a shallow manner because that encourages thatch soil runners. It’s good to have sprinklers set up by a professional that can get every inch of you yard watered. Grass generally will curl when it’s about to turn brown and begin to die off, so you’re going to want to water it when you see it curling. If you wait for longer than that, you’re going to want to do intensive watering where you water half an inch and 3 hours later go for an inch.

These helpful ways to maintain a healthy lawn can keep you from having issues with things like overgrown grass or weeds. All you have to do is take time out of your day every once in a while to care for your yard. It can be a point of pride if it looks nice and gets complimented often.